Laughing And 6 Top Benefits

Tue, Apr 5, 2011

Self Improvement

You probably heard the popular adage that says Laughter is the Best Medicine over a million times, throughout your lifetime. But have you ever stopped to think over this seemingly simple; yet full of wisdom kind of declaration. Adages and proverbs are not meant to be dissected apart to verify the truth in them; you seem to say. Well, I can’t say about other adages, but this one definitely is true; and medically proved too. So let me list out the top 10 medical benefits of laughing for you.

1.Benefits Of Laughing as a life saver :When you Laugh you cuts back on stress. Considering that stress is the villain numero uno who can cause a hoard of health problems ranging from anxiety, nervous breakdown, depression, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, acidity and what not; anything that cuts back stress definitely is a life saver.

2. Benefits Of Laughing with a comic flick: Laugh can help you concentrate, think better, become more creative and definitely make you more attentive to details. So now you know what to do when you have an exam coming up and you got a lot of stuff to be crammed up in to your brain. Just rent a comic flick DVD and soon after you finish watching the DVD and laughing to your hearts fill; sit down to study. You will definitely be able to recollect things that you study more easily and more correctly.

3.Benefits Of Laughing emotional and mental: Laugh contributes towards your mental and emotional health. Laugher has been proved to keep your mind and emotions healthy, and makes you a better person to be around. It helps you become more confident, much more positive, assertive and easily adaptive to deal with difficult situations and changes in life.

4. Benefits Of Laughing work belly Muscle : Laughing will keep you fit and fine as a fiddle. If you thought that this was just a joke to make you laugh; think again. When you laugh you give a wonderful workout to your belly muscles. You also use up a huge muscle in your abdomen called as the diaphragm. Laughing once in a blue moon is not going to give you any obvious benefit; you certainly have to engage in vigorous laughing sessions at least twice or thrice a day. Did anyone tell you that laughter is a serious matter?

5.Benefits Of Laughing n lymphatic vessels : Laughing is the best natural way to detox both mentally and physically. Exerting pressure on the abdominal muscles while laughing helps you in getting a free detox session done. This is because the pressure on the muscles squeezes the lymphatic vessels and thus it boosts your lymphatic circulation. Lymphatic circulation is the body’s natural method of detoxifying the intracellular wastes and toxins, and flushing them out of the body. When you Laugh you also helps you get a mental and emotional detox. When you laugh you are literally flushing out all the toxic negative thoughts and concerns that poison your mind.

6. Benefits Of Laughing come sunshine or rain : I saved the best for the last. A good Laugh keeps your heart healthy. Research has proved that people who are less likely to enjoy a spontaneous laugh or even find humor in a humorous situation are more likely to suffer from a heart attack or may have to undergo cardiac bypass surgery. So Please avoid ending up lying in an ICCU, laugh and keep laughing; in both sunshine and rain .


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