How to Handle a Difficult Situation in an Assertive Way

Sat, Nov 8, 2014

Self Improvement

Great leaders have many things in common. One thing that all great leaders can do is deal with the difficult situations that they are faced with. A great leader will not run from a difficult situation. They will take the situation on and try to resolve it in their favor.  There are many things that can be learned from the leaders that handle difficult situations on a regular basis. The tricks they use are something that can be done by anyone, if they know what to do. Here are a few things that can be done to learn how to handle a difficult situation.

  1. Worry about the solution – Many people get tied up worrying about what the problem is and who’s fault the problem is. Instead, great leaders will work to find the solution to the problem. In a difficult situation, you need to push for the solution instead of focusing on the problem.
  2. Listen to others – Great leaders do not always have the best answer for a difficult situation. They also realize that their solutions may not be the best. They are willing to listen to others around them to find a solution that they know will work. They will also be able to control the process of getting everyone’s ideas so that there is not too much time wasted on this step.
  3. Start solving the problem – There can be a lot of time spent on worrying about the problem or in trying to find the best solution that will fix the problem. It is important that at some point you start to use the solution that has been suggested. Nothing gets solved if all people do is talk.
  4. Don’t be afraid of mistakes – Not everything you do will work the way that you expect. It is okay to make mistakes. The biggest mistake is doing nothing when you do not know how to handle a difficult situation. It rarely goes away on its own; someone has to try to do something.
  5. Don’t get frustrated – A difficult situation may not be easy to overcome. It may take several attempts to resolve. Don’t get frustrated when it is not happening as fast as you want or in the exact way that you want. Keep pushing through to the goal of resolving the situation.
  6. Learn from the past – The more times that you attempt to learn how to handle a difficult situation, the easier it becomes to do it in the future. Learn from what you did in the past, both the good and the bad. The next time you are faced with a difficult situation, draw on that experience to help resolve it.
  7. Involve everyone – One single person may be the perfect person to resolve a difficult situation. However, it may also take everyone working together to find the right resolution. Often times the problem in a bad situation is the attitude of the people involved. When you get all of them working on the solution, the problem may disappear because the people that are causing it have changed.

Dealing with difficult situations can make you stronger. It is always best to take these situations on assertively, rather than to cower or let others handle them. That will help make you more successful.


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