So Unhappy 10 Tips to UpLift You Up Now

Thu, Sep 23, 2010

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How in the world do you expect anyone to smile when unhappy? The world seems so dull,so gloomy and nothing seems to be going right for you at the moment yet you are expected to smile and be happy. Do you have occasions you feel this way? Or is this constant in your life ? If so you might be rightfully positioned to turn this around.

Being so unhappy can simply be a state of mind filled with sadness and many more unhelpful emotions.

10 Tips to UpLift You When Feeling So Unhappy

1.Let it all out: I stumbled across some research which claims that we all have or should have at least 4-5 people in our circle of friends to confide in .If thats the case why not grab one of them and just spill the beans!

2.Appreciate:: An opportunity to be grateful for all those tiny things you may have overlooked.Remember what you focus on manifests; Make a list and find time to be really grateful for them. If you are able to, integrate showing and feeling gratitude into your day to day activities.

3.Explore: Establish what might have happened; dont be too harsh on yourself. Use this as an opportunity to learn, grow and project forward.

4.Meditate: meditation as well as prayers are both associated with relaxation and peace. it’s worth integrating this into your day even if it’s for 5 minutes and gradually build on it .

5.Cry: you don’t just feel relived after a good,controllable cry but when you cry you release stress hormones which are toxic to the body. But please note if you cry everyday it may be important you see a doctor.

6.Comedy: watch a funny movie(A comedy.cartoon) or engage someone who will make you laugh. Laughter is a by-product of Joy and has many health benefits .According to research it decreases stress hormones and clinical studies have shown that humour strengthens your immune system too.

7.Melody: Music can help take your attention away on some occasions from that feeling of being unhappy; it could help reduce stress as well. Studies have revealingly discovered that listening to music can help reduce depression , stress as well as anxiety levels.

8.Go for a walk: it can be viewed as a form of exercise and may help drastically reduce your stress level which usually diminishes This can also slow down your ageing process at the same time.

9.Take a bath: water is known to have healing properties which may explain it’s ability to relieve stress, anxiety and depression whenever we take a bath or shower.

10 Re ignite your hobby: This may be a struggle but try and go back to what you love most or discovering a new hobby may well help lift your general mood.

Simply choose one or more of these tips to help you when feeling so unhappy…Good luck and please note if you do feel so unhappy for a considerable length of time be sure to visit a professional for help as required.

PS..Do share your own ideas of what you do when feeling so unhappy



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