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Mon, Aug 23, 2010

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Smart goal setting is our ability to set what, why and how we what things to happen for us. It is an objective or aim of an action and involves establishing specific measurable , time –targeted objectives. Goal setting is a major component of our personal development. The SMART Model an acronym which stands for (specific, measurable, action orientated ,realistic and timely) is strongly favored for anyone attempting to set goals; it is a proven method which ensures you set and achieve your goals with success.In this post are a few titbits;


Reasons  we all need to integrate the Habit of Setting Smart Goal(s) into our life.

1. Sense of direction and purpose: we all have dreams but “A dream without a goal is a wish~ Bill Cole….. Smart goal setting gives all that sense of purpose with directions and we are able to see values within ourselves.

2. Keeps us focused: smart goal setting serves as a directive function which direct attention and effort towards goal –relevant activities and away from goal –irrelevant activities.

3. Improves life: smart goal setting can certainly help anyone become a better person. Research has demonstrated that people who set goals are better satisfied and achieve more.

 4. Problem solving: You can become a guru at problem solving. Our brain is very good at solving problem(s) but works best when a task(s) is established. According to Wood and Locke, 1990 cited in Locke and Latham, 2002 ‘goals affect action indirectly by leading to the arousal, discovery, and/or use of task-relevant knowledge and strategies’. When we set smart goal(s) our mind sees a problem(s) that needs addressing and gets to work by searching for ways forward.

5. Comfort Zone: Our comfort zone sometimes can be our worst enemy. So getting out and taking some form of risks ( especially calculated ones) can provide a good platform for growth and personal development.

 6. Energy function: smart goals have an energizing function; higher goals lead to greater effort than lower or no goals. Goal setting  can improve our  performance.

7. Builds confidence: Once you get to a stage of accomplishing goals  with satisfaction, you most certainly will boost your self confidence.

Good luck  :) and don’t forget to set your smart goals this week with a strong sense of commitment to them.


Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach~Tom Robbins



What your experience of smart goal setting?



Reference: The Great Wikipedia and Edwin, A.P & Latham,G.P(2002) ‘Building a practical useful theory of goal setting and task motivation’, American Psychologist , Vol 57(5),pp.705-717.

Picture Credited to  Jeoy Shillolo


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