How to Stay Positive When Negative Comments are Passed

Thu, Oct 7, 2010

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Negative comments are not necessarily a bad thing because it may as well mean we need to make Positive change(s). But if or when negative comments become consistent cum hurtful then it may be counterproductive and serve no purpose because you will probably spend more time getting over hurtful feelings and may find it difficult to stay positive when negative comments are passed . Below are a few tips to help you view things from a different perspective and stay positive in such situations.


Tips to Stay Positive

1, Ignore: This seems and sounds so easy to do but in a negative situation you may well have been charged up to react to whatever is being said…….. Don’t!. This is your adopted skill to ignore what has been said; you don’t just ignore because you may benefit more if you are able to continue as normal i.e. ignore the negative statement(s) and carry on talking about something else. This will give you time to gather your thoughts together, reflect on what may have been said and address it hopefully in a more constructive manner and in a much better environment .

2, Stay Calm: Most negative comments are obviously geared up for us to react hence we lose our ability to be proactive. In staying and remaining calm we are better able to manage the situation and decide how you want to respond.

3. Change Perception : My perception of people who deliver messages negatively especially those who do so consistently is that they lack the communication cum social skills . In thinking this way I don’t take their message too personally  .And if there really is a message behind the negative comment you will be able to hear it constructively and dismiss the manner in which it had been delivered.

4. Projection : people who pass negative comments are not necessarily bad people. As mentioned above they may well lack some skills. Try not to be too critical when around them; they may have underline issues that have not been dealt with and the only way of coping is by knowingly or unknowingly projecting it onto you .

5.Control : Don’t get too caught up with negative comments…. we don’t always have control over what is going to come out of another person mouth but we certainly have control over what we do at that point in time. Try not to feed into comments.

6. Break: At times we live or work in environments and have to deal with such comments a little too often. If this becomes a regular occurrence a break from the environment or a sabbatical leave will do wonders! it will give you the time and space to rejuvenate yourself .

7. Peace: Be an agent of peace and create that atmosphere around you;like attracts likes remember. Negative comments will most certainly find it difficult to penetrate if you consistently are able to invest time on working at inner peace.

8. Smile : if you are the happy go Larry type, you may well be able to cope and stay positive around people who pass negative comments. Smile or laugh it off but most importantly remain detached and dont forget points raised in Nos 3 and 4 .

9. Maintain a positive attitude : If you feel comfortable and are the assertive type its nice to occasionally prompt them to say or do something positive for a change. This could remove you from getting caught up or feeding into their negative comments and redirecting their energy to something positive. “There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative”~ W. Clement Stone.

10. Analysis: If you are the analytic type over analyzing negative comments may be a recipe for disaster. Instead learn to establish facts first ,if any, before you embark on any journey of analyzing what, how or why it had happened or had been said .

Good luck and be sure to share how you stay positive when negative comments are passed.

Peace and Love :)


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