How to Handle Sarcastic Remarks

Tue, Aug 17, 2010

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Some of us are better able to deal with sarcastic remarks than others and that mostly depends on our personality, confidence and self esteem. To make sarcastic remarks is simply an ability to pass harsh or witty comments or to  say something often in an ironic manner with the intention to wound or ridicule the other person.


Tips to Handle Sarcastic Remarks

1.Give back unto Caesar what is Caesars: If you are a Bible reader you may have come across this saying .But for the purpose of this article it simply means give back to the person who makes sarcastic remarks exactly what they give to you. Just mirror back their behaviour unto them .

2.Frame of mind: You need to have a mindset that you are not the problem but they are. In some instances people who make such remarks do it for the attention so they look better by taking advantage of your vulnerability.

3 .Laugh: I will love to describe myself as someone who enjoys a good laugh; it’s good for our facial muscles I guess. If you are able, laugh at their comment and don’t forget to tell them assertively that it was not funny. You have just been sarcastic too!Remember, to be sarcastic can also mean the use of words and actions which might imply another meaning.

4.Staying  calm: Sometimes is the best approach as some people who play sarcasm can be aggressive in their manner and do it to provoke a response. The opposite response from you by being calm can effectively help manage the situation.

5.Ignore: If they become a problem and you have to work, live or be around them ignoring them may be your best option. This is no indication of you being a weak person.  Just remember that most people who play sarcasm may not enjoy being ignored so view your facility to walk away as strength.

Conclusively, sarcasms does not necessarily have to be a bad thing; some people just take it more serious than others. Whichever way you choose to view it I hope you will find the above tips useful.



Are you a sarcastic person? What tips do you have to deal with sarcarsm.



Photoes credited to  Max Mead Cartoons

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