Five Rules to Change and Get the Best Out of Life

Thu, Oct 21, 2010

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Every now and then or perhaps most of the time, we may feel the urge to make changes in certain or most areas of our life. Some of us will see the need to embrace change to reach our full potential or simply to eliminate stagnation in life So if you are not happy, dissatisfied, unfulfilled or feel entrapped within your current situation below are a few rules to help review your situation in a different way  to take that first step towards implementing change . According to Martin Luther King Jnr…..”Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.. So when you are ready let’s start off with this simple exercise.

Be decisive on what your goals are in relation to the reasons for making these changes in your life!

1. Write, I mean makeup a list of reasons why you want to change and what may have prevented you from doing so. The more effort you put into it the better the outcome.

2. Make a list of things you desire, things that will help you feel more complete.

3. Continue to write as well as scribble down how to reach and attain your innermost desires. Ensure you encapsulate all the positive aspects of it!

4. When you finish take a good look at all you have written down. Examine your own thoughts and beliefs about attaining your desire(s). Are you beliefs stopping you from reaching your desire(s)? Or are your thoughts stopping you too? If so let’s see how you could impose real changes by targeting the way you think.

Rules to Change

1. Be Positive: When we write positive statements we are indirectly re-programming our minds into a new way of thinking. Writing positive affirmations can be a very powerful tool when used properly and can help you replace or override your negative self talk subsequently making you feel better. Our brain is very good at responding to what we feed it with. So if that’s the case why not give it good delicious food; I mean feed it with good, positive thoughts.

2. Think in the Present tense: This may sound crazy if you have not done it before. As in think and talk in the present tense, set your goals in the present tense. For example if you are thinking of moving jobs set it as a goal in the present tense and thinks or says ….”I am in the process of moving jobs.. This will drive your actions because you have programmed your mind/subconscious to look for jobs now. Instead of thinking or saying you may be leaving your job in the future because your subconscious is more likely to provide you with all the reasons to remain at your job because you have programme it for the future.

3. Language: When constructing positive statements be mindful in your use of language; ensure your language is right. If you are trying to lose weight, instead of saying I am now on a diet, say I now eating plenty of vegetables of fruits, or I now go to the gym. By saying I am now on a diet you may trigger thoughts such as I want sweets now or I want food now and this may cause unnecessary hard work. Avoid words that will counteract your goals, focus your mind on things and statements that will empower as well as drive you towards your main objective.

4. Only you can influence your Life! So often we may want others to change but that can be a very difficult task. For instance, you could think or say that as from today your partner gives you the respect you deserve, this is unlikely to work because we can’t change people but we can change how we respond to them. Instead you can make a decision that you will no longer be affected by your partner’s actions. Decide on how to react each time your partner goes off the bend. i.e. be neutral, go for a walk or simply ignore them!


5. Learn to have powerful, reassuring dialogues with yourself: Surround yourself with inspirational people, create a list of positive affirmation, initiate to utilize them properly, and learn to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, consistently examine your beliefs and learn to ditch those that are not serving you. Establish what works for you in order to reach and attain your goals. Like most things in life we all differ hence the different strokes for different folks. Good Luck and be such to share your thoughts.



Resource – Here’s Health

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