Effective Tips to Cope With Envy At Work Place

Fri, Apr 1, 2011

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Envy and jealousy have been companions of humans since time immemorial. Many people may battle with the feeling of envy towards their friends, coworkers or family, and then end up being embarrassed about it later on. But there is no reason to feel mortified about it; after all these are some of the basic emotions that every human being goes through; at one point of time or other. Then there are also some other kinds of folks, who are struggling to deal with being at the receiving end of envy from jealous people.

What are the reasons leading to envy?

The best way to deal with such emotions is to learn how to cope with resentments in a healthy and constructive manner. Learning how to cope with envy is a unique process, because each situation warrants a personalized approach. The current fast paced modern world is ridden with numerous issues like cut throat competition, rat race to get ahead of others and recession and related financial woes to add to the trouble.

Work Place Envy

All these factors are contributors towards the most common situation of resentment and jealousy; and that is work place envy. Learning how to how to cope with envy at work place is very necessary to maintain your job, your honor and also your peace of mind.

Learning how to cope with envy at the work place

1. First of all, you need to assess the situation and sit down to think over the actual reason for inciting jealousy in the other person. The old adage says  Knowing the enemy is battle half won So take some time to know more about your jealous enemy What is the basic issue that is instigating him or her to be envious about you? Once you know about this you can be assured to get the problem solved

2. Since you are dealing with work place envy, you have more options and help to deal with your problem. You can get a mediator to bridge the gap between you and your envious rival. Get the mediator to bring things out in the open. Let the mediator encourage the other person to vent out the feelings. Every company has an HR personnel to take up this task of being a mediator

3. The mediator should encourage both parties to vent their mutual feelings without getting inordinately personal. So the best approach s to use a neutral tone, for example instead of saying  You are mean, try saying I am disturbed by your behavior.

4. Once the problems are out in the open, the solution can be found by taking appropriate and relevant steps.

5. If the reason for resentment is that you have received a hike and the envious person has not; then the HR mediator can explain the reasons why you were considered for such a benefit.

6. Also constructive approach includes explaining clearly about methods by which the other person can also manage to be in this advantageous position. May be he or she needs to polish up the skills, or work harder, display more interest etc.

7. Finally, you need to understand that one sitting will not help when attempting at dealing with such a situation. Repeated efforts and regular monitoring by the mediator may be required.

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