Dealing with Stress a Few Simple Tips

Thu, Aug 26, 2010

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Stress is an interaction between our body and a situation that generates an incredible amount of strain to our well being. It is a psychological and physical state that manifests itself when our resources to cope with a situation(s) are not sufficient. This post  Dealing with stress aims to simply highlight some causes of stress with a few easy tips to consider when dealing with stress.

What Happens When we Become Stressed Out?

You may Feel Anxious ,Irritable, tense, worried, depressed, vulnerable, forgetful, tired, sad, angry, insecure …..

You may Behave aggressively, Become tearful, withdrawn, Temporarily lose your assertive skills, Be  unmotivated, Pessimism, restless, Alot of Negative self-talk, your problem solving skills are reduced or nor existence , Possible increased use of drugs and or alcohol……

Your body may physically experience headaches, nausea, chest pains, palpitations, stomach upset, insomnia, reduced immune, Low or increased appetite ……

Stress can be both short or long time, the longer it however goes on the more damage it may cause.

Various life Events  Can Lead to Stress

Moving homes

Job related issues/conflicts


Personal issue(s)

Loss of love ones

Health Problems

Social problems

Financial problems

A Few Tips to Master When Dealing with Stress

1. Mindset; What the mind continually considers, the mind believes; and what the mind believes, the mind eventually does~William J. McGrane. This is just to say how powerful our mind can be hence the reason we must nourish and feed our brains with beliefs that will serve us not stress us !.

2. Set realistic goal: Our health and well being will takes precedence over most of our aspirations. Learning to recognise the point to stop and review whatever it is we are doing in order not to put strain on our body, both physically and mentally is essential when dealing with stress.

3. Learn to relax: The current recession may not be making things any easier for most of us .But ensuring we integrate some form of relaxation i.e taking a lovely hot bath, going for a walk, prayers, gym, music, socializing, a vacation and many more can be helpful when dealing with stress.

4. Open Mind: The way we view and interpret issues/situations will affect how we feel. The bad view(s) and interpretation(s) are generally what pilot us to worries which are equivalent to stress. Having an open mind can help you hear and learn from others to deflate stressful situations or events.

5. Negative thoughts: needs to be managed to the point of total elimination. You can read more here.

6. Be more organized and learn to prioritise: We become stressed mostly when our brains can’t cope with a given task. Organization followed by attending to what is more important first is another way of dealing with stress. This is a useful tool that may take practise to build into our day to day life. A to-do-list can be useful tool here.

7. Take charge: we all have to learn how to take charge of ourselves by continually enhancing our life skills, such as improving communication, good money and time management, knowing when to walk away or and avoid a stressful situations, social skills, managing anger, problem solving and many more .

8. General well being : Take care of your health as a whole, ensure enough hours of sleep, stay away from drugs or alcohol as much as you can and see your general practitioner as when needed.

9. Move On: There are some situations in life we cannot change; but by changing the way we feel about it can do wonders to our well being. Seeking for help if needed for a therapist or any other recognised helper here can be very useful if.

10. Fun & Play: Drop everything and just have a great time. Our body is very good at rebelling when overworked  and not pampered.Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it~Eileen Caddy.

11. Humour &  Laughter :I know it  may sound crazy to do so when you are stressed out but according to research  laughter  is a great best medicine anyway and can transform the faintest glimmer of hope  to an eternal spring. Inaddition,research  has showed that humour can significantly increase a persons level of hope…. Information via Upliftprogram.

Good luck :) and be sure to share your stress booster ideas.

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