The Charismatic You ?

Wed, Mar 24, 2010

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I have often linked charismatic  qualities to governors, church ministers and anyone in high positions of authority… don’t ask me why … maybe it’s because they are just charismatic . But hey! That’s not true because anyone can have,develop or build qualities of charisma. For me, the charismatic person is someone who is respected, liked and commands attention effortlessly. The person gets noticed without seeking for it. These type of individuals have something magnetic about them; they just have this lovely natural ability to draw and gravitate people towards them and once again effortlessly. You most likely would have no problems noticing them; they are usually the centre of attention! oh I love to be centre of attention don’t you ? Be honest no one is watching …hehehe..

My Story

So! I accompanied a friend over the weekend to a kind of in-house party . It was one of those stand-up parties where you help yourself and simply mingle with whoever smiles at you first which was cool. Anyhow, as soon as we arrived at the party and was about to step in my friend had to take a phone call. Instead of me waiting outside for her I thought I might as well just go in. The atmosphere looked lovely and welcoming .As I had escorted my friend I didn’t know who the host was and she spent about ½ hour outside on the phone.

Okay! so I said to myself instead of asking who the host was I will just try and figure that out myself . The host most likely will stand out anyway I thought. So, I did not ask anyone but engaged myself with the first person that caught my attention and was simultaneously scanning the room in an attempt to establish my mission. My friend joined me shortly and I told her what I had been up to. To my greatest surprise I couldn’t figure out who the host was . Instead I had been drawn to a lady who had lots of people around her. She was just across the room.She had a lovely smile on and did seem to be doing a good job entertaining people around her. There was a lot of laughter and merry giggling coming from her end. She walked around the room majestically and freely like she knew everyone and was quick to engage other people. There was something about this lady I liked; I guess it was her smile which she did have on most of the time, I thought to myself… how awesome!

The Charismatic You.

We are all unique in our ways and what works for Mr A may not work for work you. I guess this lady’s smile just worked for her. I have never really thought of charisma as something anyone can create and develop because I just thought charismatic people were born with the traits. But then I guess I am wrong because some of us will crave for it which takes the beauty of the effortless away from the whole perspective. The good news is that “Professor Wiseman estimates charisma is 50% innate and 50% trained”

How to Be  Charismatic.

The main rule in my view to be charismatic is simple; that is just Be who you are… Be yourself! And here is what to do; Engage yourself in some soul searching and check yourself out from top to bottom, inside out, in an attempt to figure out your best qualities as we all have one so we can’t argue  here! For instance ,are you a..

Considerate person?


Good listener?



Accommodating ?


If you are struggling to figure out any qualities then ask yourself the following questions…, what feedback have you been receiving from people? Have people said they like your manners? How you comport yourself, how you look, your smile or anything particular about you? Bang! Once you have worked that out then the next step is to enhance that quality or qualities.

You see because you already have the quality in you developing or enhancing it should not be much of a problem or battle and of course effortlessly . In the process of you enhancing that quality already in you, you build your confidence and all the other traits associated with a charismatic person! It’s that simple and like I said we all have qualities but sometimes don’t recognize it.

The above informative analysis is just my way of postulating how to be a charismatic person… what’s yours?


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