Are Your Personal Beliefs and Values Still Serving You?

Sun, Apr 4, 2010

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One thing I have learnt in life is not to challenge other people’s beliefs and value; instead I generally align myself with whatever they may be saying or talking about and at the same time try get my point across. Most of us will hold on very strongly and dearly to our beliefs which can be viewed as strong opinions or convictions. It’s sometimes literally impossible to disagree or dismiss another fellow(s) beliefs and values and try to impose yours on them. But yet Beliefs are merely assumptions we make up about ourselves and the world around us .If belief(s) are just assumptions we construct to organise our behaviours then what makes us hold on to them so strongly?

Okay! So as we formulate social constructs to organise our society, so do we develop behavioural constructs to organise our behaviours. Our Belief(s) can obviously be very strong with great significance to our lives. An example here could be …“I belief to do on to others as I do upon myself”! This serves as a deterrent; it simply keeps me in check and reminds me to behave appropriately at most times. I suppose you will agree with me that this belief serve a good purpose. But then you may say this it is not necessary true as there may be times I could be driven by emotions and fling this belief out of the window! So what happened here? (Any suggestions)?

This post aims primarily to highlight the fact that belief(s )are not necessarily affirmed fixes, but simply constructs we make up and can easily be deconstructed. What I am hoping to point out here is that although belief(s) are powerful as well as useful, there are times we need to deconstruct what’s not working for us anymore. Remember they are your constructs created by you so you have the power to deconstruct them at any time.

As we hold on to valuable belief(s) as in the example given above, so do we hold on to those that are either not serving us or no longer needed in our life(s). Belief(s)can be constructs formulated and embedded into our subconscious when we were growing up or can be picked up from our culture, society, families or peers. The crazy thing about holding on to some beliefs is that it can be so powerful and may end up becoming a reality; as our mind is very good at listening ,influencing and directing our life’s . For this purpose we want to embrace only priceless beliefs and values which will serve us!

Our values, on the other hand, are guiding principles which keep us in check too. it’s made up different qualities. For some it could be characterized by honesty, openness, respect, upholding peace and many more. We all have values either good or bad.

Belief (s) and values work hand in hand to help not just us but for other people around us; to provide us with  a sense of whom we are and what we stand for. But are there times we need to look deeply within ourselves to establish if our beliefs and values are still serving us. Is it time to review or change some or all of our beliefs? Are they limiting us or making us excel? The main key here on realizations of belief(s) which are not working for you is to implement change; remember we are dynamic beings all subject to change.

Good luck and Happy Easter Holidays :)


What are your belief/s and values? Are they still serving you? Are your belief/s and values fixed?

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