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Thu, Jul 29, 2010

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Following an introduction to emotional intelligence here are some traits to looks out for within yourself

  •  Assertiveness; are you able to asset yourself and stand up for your rights?

Emotion expression; are you able to communicate your feelings to others effectively without getting into a state?

  • Emotion management; are you able to manage your feelings, Are you capable of influencing others peoples feelings obviously not in a manipulative way ?

Emotion perception; how do you perceive your emotions and others? Are you clear about your emotions and others?

  • Emotion regulation; are you capable of controlling their emotions ? Are you capable of controlling of your emotions and those around you ? Obviously once again not in a destructive manner.

Adaptability: are you flexible and able to adapt to new conditions? One characteristic of human beings is adaptability that is we are all capable of adapting. So ask yourself again are you able to adapt if not what are the reasons?

  • Impulsiveness ;How impulsive are you ? do you give in easily to other peoples urges?

Relationship skills: Are you capable of maintaining fulfilling personal relationships?

  •  Self-esteem & self-confident; How is your self esteem and how confident are you ?

Self-motivation : How motivated are you ? do you always need a push? Are you able to go on even in the face of adversity?

  • Social competence: How do you get on in social settings ? how are your social skills? How is your ability to social network and networkers with superiors?

Stress management: Are you capable of withstanding pressure ?Are you able to regulate stress?

  • Empathy : Are you able to empathize, taking someone elses perspective which is different from sympathy.

Happiness : How happy are you ? How cheerful and satisfied are you with life ?

  •  Optimism; Are you able to see the bright side of life ?


These are my understanding of the traits of emotional intelligence   and these are the questions I have asked myself .By asking ourselves questions-I mean empowering questions we are able to empower ourselves.

Look out for the  next post-  How to improve your emotional intelligence  …..Be sure to drop a comment and any additonal  ideas :)


Reference – Trait emotional Intelligence; Moving forward in the field of EI By K.V Petrides et al.

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