The Pomodoro Technique the Time Manager My experience

Thu, Jul 8, 2010

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Pomodoro technique has been around since the 80s;invented by a time friendly gentleman known as Francesco Cirillo with the concept of enhancing our mental agility for effective time management. I recently published an article on effective time management and one commentator had suggested the pomodoro technique. I have not particularly tried out this technique but thought it would be a great idea. Basically, the technique teaches you how to break down periods of work into 25 minutes-interval each interval is called a “pomodoro”. I am generally a fan of a to-do- list and work at my own pace. let’s say 90% of the time I get through my list but I do have days I don’t address my list at all!… and that has always been fine provided I don’t make a habit of it!

 Here are the basic steps to carry out the pomodoro technique; you simply choose a task. I choose one from my to- do- list. You set a timer for 25 minutes and work on your chosen task for the duration of time uninterrupted. On completion of task you take a break for a few minutes (basically reward yourself) and don’t forget to cross out your completed task off our list. You could go through more than one” pomodoro “a day but I found trying one for a few days worked for me because it requires practice.


Benefits of the pomodoro technique

• Improves your focus

• Instils self discipline

• Enhances motivation and productivity

• Helps you remove the anxiety of dead lines

• Can help you combat procrastination the ugly time waster.

I have since gone back to my do list and worked at my own pace. But I must say that the pomodoro technique has helped me build 25 minutes of uninterrupted time into my mornings. The best part of the day for me is usually the morning before anyone wakes up. What I love about this whole concept is our ability to train or programme our mind to do the things we want it to do. Don’t get me wrong you will encounter uneventualities, i.e in my case perhaps wake up late, distracted by a phone call or having to attend to other things within the house. I have however disciplined myself and got used to completing a task (one pomodoro) each morning before attending to other things I intend to build more pomodores’ into my day . You can read more about the technique here and also download their free PDF information .


The video below provides you with more insight and runs for less than 6 minutes.

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