Words to Appreciate – A Much Valued Reward

Sat, Dec 1, 2012

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It doesn’t take a lot of time to say a few words to appreciate someone, but it can make them happy for a long time. Think about how a simple yet enthusiastic and heartfelt ‘Thank you’ from someone leaves you smiling for the day. It is in our nature to feel needed and important and to know that our efforts make others happy. It is also our nature to usually depreciate our own efforts and hence, we require others to appreciate them.

However, the words to appreciate that you use do not matter as much as the tone of these words. You can write a whole letter filled with appreciative words and send the same one to all your employees and it will be much less effective than a one-liner sent to them individually, appraising each of them for a unique personality trait or on a project they worked on.

Mostly, we tell ourselves that we cannot appreciate everyone because it will take a lot of time. All we need to remember is that you don’t need to write an entire page filled with words to appreciate someone. It is not the words, but the effort that counts the most. People will feel more valued if you personally say a simple ‘thank you’ rather than receiving cards from you that they know you didn’t send yourself.

It is not just other people you should learn to appreciate, but also the finer things of life that you have. You should feel gratified for all the blessings you have in life even if you are going through a tough phase. Counting your blessings and appreciating them can actually help you to fight depressive thoughts. A few words to appreciate the healthy lifestyle you are leading can give you a sense of contentment.

Even at this moment, you can stop and look around yourself. There are a lot of things you have that others can only dream of, even some of the basic necessities. You have relationships that others may not have. You may have people who take care of you or facilitate you in your life. So, just make a note of these things and write a few words to appreciate them.

Appreciation is undoubtedly one of the best rewards you can give someone in return of their efforts. It will make them feel valued and important, and give them a sense of motivation. A simple pat on the back or a one-line note of appreciation is enough to do the trick.

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