Happiness – 7 Key Secrets

Sun, Jul 19, 2009

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Persistence; I have decided to share these secrets having built them as a habit  into my life. So this is not just about  knowing what happiness  is and how to be happy, but most importantly creating great  habits persistently to make you happy at most times. Now! the mind or brain whatever you what to call it is very good at fighting especially when you  are about to try something new and this explains the key for  persistence to make this work for you.

Key Tips and Habits to Happiness

 1. Be thankful – Create a habit of being grateful everyday. Create moments where you are thankful even at the tiniest things done for you and most significantly feel this gratitude within you.

2. Love yourself – I loveeeee myself!!!!!! Now say that to yourself nice and loud , go and stand in front of the mirror admire yourself and repeat these word until you start to feel the emotion of love within you. This will work with practice; do bear in mind that this is not about being over narsarcistic which could be damaging. Learn to love yourself as you are.

3 Smile- :)  it makes you look attractive …….yes!!!!! It does! Try that too in front of the mirror and appreciate how you look. Smile and give people honest compliments.

4 Reduce Stress- As much as possible do reduce your stress levels. What I gathered is that stress could be as venomous and related to cancerous cell development in the body… Scary isn’t it? There are loads of programmes out there to help reduce stress; look for one that best suits you.My way has been going to the gym it’s great and has certainly helped me.

5 Move On – Our life is like a beautiful stream flowing and cascading majestically through time, not static. Challenges happen to everyone in life; the beauty however is that we all have a choice how we intend to deal, address and feel about whatever life throws our way. Make vital choices that will make you happy.

6 Health is wealth – You must look after both your physical and mental health then relax. It is important to understand the link between a healthy body and mental well being. Eat the right foods, use supplements, and seek professional help as needed. Cleanse and detoxify regularly Click Here! .Aspire to be in good health, a healthy person will radiate positive energy.

7 Keep the company of happy people- You must stay aware from people who will drag you down, life is too short to waste time with such people. It quite easy to practice all the above steps, but then you find yourself spending the whole day hanging around people who are negative and critical; its the last thing you need.

The practicality of being happy is to act and feel the emotion(s) of happiness within you. I cannot reinforce this more…….. Make it a habit to feel happy. You must practise these 7 steps daily until it becomes second nature and a part of you .What I learnt in life is that we all have a choice even if when we decide not to make one… that’s a choice too!

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