5 Ways to End the Date Before it Even Happens

Fri, Aug 8, 2014


Some Dating Rules – Dates can be fun and exciting, but they can also be nerve wracking and disastrous. If you want to avoid sabotaging your date before you even get started, keep these 5 simple rules for what NOT to do on a date so you can give yourself the best chance of having a successful first date

 Dating Rules 1. Giving Orders

Some people like a man or woman who is assertive and know what they want. Taking control and being willing to be the decision maker can be an attractive quality. However, you must be careful not to go overboard. Guys- don’t tell a girl what to wear on the date, unless you are hinting at what would be suitable for the surprise date you have planned. Girls, no making special requests for what he wears, unless it is to request he not wear strong cologne because of your allergies.

Dating Rules 2. Talking About Sex

The time before and during the first date is not the time to mention that three letter ‘S’ word. Even if it’s something you both want, avoid that topic when making the date plans and save it for the face to face talk time if it has to be discussed.

 Dating Rules 3. Making a Grand Gesture

Sometimes we are so desperate to impress we can go overboard. While it is nice to make your date feel special, going overboard can be a turn off.  Showing up with flowers, balloons, chocolate, a teddy bear, and a romantic card will scare most girls away. Likewise ladies, if you come on too strong and act too eager, you might scare your guy away before you even make it to the end of date one.

Dating Rules 4. Only Talking Online

If you meet online- as more and more people are nowadays- you cannot stay in the online world. If you only talk online, the chances are that one of you or both of you will end up hooking up with someone else, and end up hurting someone’s feelings. Even if you want to take it slow- send snail mail letters or exchange phone calls, but you have to start moving out of the anonymity of the online world.

Dating Rules 5. Social Media Stalking

If you find each other and exchange Facebook or Twitter names that is fine, but do not use it as a way to dig up information on them. And if you do find anything out through their social media pages, do not bring it up on the first date. Nothing kills the mood faster than feeling like you have a stalker.


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