How Great to forgive and Be Happy

Mon, Aug 3, 2009

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I am pretty sure we all have one or two people out there who we would rather have nothing to do with due to events which had occurred in the past and has left us with feelings of dread, hate, annoyance, disgust….. ….You name it anything you like! The key here is that there are some people out there that you need to forgive and the question is; are you ready to forgive and move on to your wellness and wellbeing?


Forgiving others can be one of the most difficult things to do in life yet you will derive outstanding benefits once you go through the process. Forgiveness is the driving force behind an apology; it has been described in the dictionary in many different words such as let off, pardon, clemency, compassion, kind, tolerance, merciful understanding allowance and many more. The question is which of these wonderful words best described you? New researches are now looking into forgiveness and its relationship to our physical health .This is to say, the world I believe is now paying attention to its importance. A lot of the many benefits however have been linked to our emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing Some benefits include to reduced stress, improved sleep pattern, more energy (cos…. you are not wasting energy getting angry anymore), better outlook to life, peace of mind and an immune booster.


I can you give tonnes of ways on how to forgive and there are lots of information out there but the most significant aspect here I belief is to be prepared to forgive! And please don’t take too long; it only hurts more; I have been there… done it… worn the tee shirt! Mental pain is just a blessing because it is telling you that something is wrong with the way your life is going. It is a sign that something needs correction whether it is the way you think about the world or what you are doing in the world or both by (Susan Jeffers ,2007). So when you feel this pain remind yourself it’s time to forgive and enjoy life. So here are two key points to set you on your journey to forgive and live life to its fullest.

How to Forgive …

Be Prepared In anything you want to do in life preparation is usually the key. You just need to think of want goes on in your mind each time you think about whatever it is that has put you in that position where you feel you cannot forgive. Then ask yourself how do I feel? For most it’s an unpleasant feeling; so then would like to live with it? Or release those horrible feelings….. Yes! Please you need to do this……. it certainly would help you make a life changing decision cum Choice here…..I laugh!! Whatever you do here is based on choice even if you decide not to make one.

Now ; ask yourself how you are going to address the issue…. do you approach the person involved or who had put you in that position of feeling hate, unforgiveness or whatever emotion it is you feel?….. . I generally say speak to that person and let them know your perceptions of them and if needed apologize even if you feel you have not been in the wrong, it makes you a better person.

If you are struggling with the above points sought help from forgiveness programmes, churches, meditation, talking to loves ones etc. What I have learnt through experience is that it could take some people years to get over forgiving; hence the reason forgiveness has been described as a process. So use the above information to see you through and make it quite pleasing- life is too short.

Tap into the wealth of resources out there which tells how to use acknowledgment, positive thinking, making a list, applying empathy and visualization. My point and contribution to forgiveness is you need to be prepared and I can’t help but belabour my point that it only hurts more the longer you leave it! Conclusively a lovely quote from Doc Childre and Howard Martin for you all Forgiveness means that you’ve decided not to let it keep festering inside even if it only comes up once in awhile .
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