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Self Help Wellness will love guest posts or articles related to personal development, lifestyle or wellness. If you enjoy writing, own a blog or website and love to contribute why not contact us  at  today we look forward to hearing from you.


1. Your article/post has to be original and you have not posted it anywhere on the net.

2. Article/post has to be related to personal development or lifestyle preferably with tips to solve or address a problem(s).

3. No affiliated links are allowed you can however include two links from your blog or website.

4. For photos, you may like to add to article/post, please send me the link or the email picture, ensure credit is given to all photos used.

5. Word count for each post will be 500-1000 maximum.

6. Submitting an article will mean you have allowed Self Help Wellness to keep post/article on our blog.

7. Ensure all work is referenced as appropriate if applicable, Post/article may be tweaked or edited if needed and if we feel post is not suitable you will be notified ASAP.

8.  Include a very brief bio of yourself and a picture to be included in the Written By section.

9. Expect your post or article to be published within the next 2-3 weeks this is however subject to change.

10. Please send post/article to we look forward to hearing from you .


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