How I sold my house and how I made a profit

Selling a property can be a real stressful task. Selling my house and getting a return on all the cost and good will you spent on the house is nearly impossible. People told me it is all a matter of luck rather than technique but haven’t you ever experienced the tricks some agents use to sell properties and take a hefty amount of commission. Well, I wasn’t allowing someone else to take away a big percentage by selling my house so I went on a mission to do it on my own.

Being patient with such a big decision was very much necessary; I had given it more thought than when I actually bought it. Once I made my decision, I began my quest. The world of business with any plan you make requires the cost and benefit analysis thus when I found that selling my house in the right way will benefit me I begin to invest a bit on repairing.

I knew selling something requires some legal requirements, few papers, and disclosures. So, I began by learning how to fulfill all those legal requirements on my own. Once I had gone through the process of providing all those requirements it was time to bring the house to the market and I did the same. Only to find out the market of buying and selling has gone diverse. I glanced everywhere the property newspapers, the magazine and of course the World Wide Web.

When you are selling something you have invested greatly in, you need to bring out its worth more than it has when you first bought it. Keeping that in mind I wondered what would add to the worth of my house, I maintained it quite wonderfully, the exterior and interior are both fit as a fiddle and the whole condo is near to perfect. Then it clicked, the first impressions are always the most important ones so the neighborhood is an advance factor to be added. I took out my camera and took the best photographs of the property framing the whole condo with its beautiful family neighborhood. My property is located in the neighborhood that added to its value and also gave out an impression as such that it attracted the kind of people I wanted to hand over my property to.

Before actually bringing the property to the market I was keen to see the condition of the property market and it was the season of investing as per my luck. Checking the listing of the neighborhood for the value of other houses alike was an important decision.

Research verily on the potential buyers, ask for their bank statement or ask them to provide you a letter from the bank. You don’t want to sell to people who will find it difficult to make payments in a longer run as they attract you with huge down payments. Also, you don’t want people who aren’t literate about maintaining a property. Once everything felt comfortable and my gut wasn’t giving any wrong vibes I chose the potential buyer and made the transition. This is how I successfully sold my beautifully located three bedroom house all on my own and gained the cash I needed.


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